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Say what?! We’d love to hear your thoughts on your recent Tradlands purchase. If you have a moment to let us know what you think, we’d be very grateful. Please email us at with feedback on your Tradlands order.

Here is some recent feedback we have received from our customers:

I discovered Tradlands at Port in Northampton. Ben did a wonderful job describing the quality materials and superior craftsmanship of your clothing, not to mention the added bonus of being made right here in Massachusetts. His enthusiasm was so genuine, it made me look twice (okay, three times) at a shirt I would normally consider out of my price range. I tried it on, fell in love, but walked away. Two weeks later I went back to buy it and now, four months later, I own four Tradlands shirts. Thank you for your dedication to creating beautiful, comfortable, durable, high-quality women's clothing. And thank you for maintaining domestic production. I look forward to wearing these shirts for many, many years.

I got the Fort Point shirt for Christmas and I love it! It fits my shoulders, and hit at the perfect length. Biggest plus is that the buttons are spaced nicely to allow an open collar without going too far down. There was a little hiccup with my shirt that Tradlands fixed in a heartbeat, going above and beyond my expectations for customer service. Wonderful shirt, and great brand experience!!

I simply can not say enough about Tradlands and how much their vision speaks to me. My family owns two working ranches in Texas. Sounds exciting, but its shaped my lifestyle as a 23-year-old woman. Every Thursday evening, I'm packed and ready to leave after work on Friday to either the Hill Country or the Piney Woods, depending on the time of year and the demands at hand. Lifting feed sacks, hiking around the property, drawing back a bow... all big parts of my life but none of those things offers small shoulders or slim thighs. My usual apparel is a pair of canvas cargo pants, boots and whatever shirt I can find that won't be ruined. My whole life I've been fine with that until I graduated college and realized that working for a Public Affairs firm in Houston was nowhere to be found in my wardrobe. I was grasping onto random casual/work styles in department stores that weren't me and I felt unconfident, untailored and underdressed most days. Because of Tradlands, I have developed my own style and I have embraced every part of me and my life as a sleeves-rolled, working professional and rancher 7 days a week. Moreover, I've simplfied my closet and morning decisions to Cambridge or Ashburn, Waverly or Siskiyou? I wear my Tradlands shirts in a treestand and in my office, granted my boots are traded in for heels some days, and I am still myself. I am comfortable in my own skin, thanks to Tradlands.

I LOVE my shirt and thank you for having such a great sale that made it easier on the wallet. I chose to shop at Tradlands because as a woman who likes the designs and comfort of men's shirt styles, it's hard to find legit places and fit styles. I love that Tradlands offers women's sizing in styles that fit my style. I am so happy to have found you and please don't stop making awesome shirts!

So I meant to write a review for Tradlands since I purchased the Arapahoe, Waverly, & Lake Merced last September. I am so happy that I have them! The fit is really perfect, I've been told I actually look "thinner" in them, which I guess is flattering? Also I need to put the spotlight on the Arapahoe, I get compliments when I wear that shirt, all the time. ALL THE TIME! Also I usually am a very avid cardigan wearer, but that wonderfully comfortable and warm red plaid shirt has replaced them as my default top.

Thanks for reaching out, I'm loving my new shirt! My overall experience was great. I live in Vancouver, Canada and my shirt arrived quicker than expected. I found out about your Company on Pinterest that connected me to a blog called Reading My Tea Leaves. I love a striving for a simple and minimalist wardrobe so I try to find pieces I can wear a lot and that will stand the test of time. Also being on the small side I find it hard to find good fitting women's shirt so the fact that you specialize in women's shirting really appealed to me. I appreciate your commitment to quality and customer service. Keep it up! Excited to see what comes in for Spring!

I am loving my Tradlands shirts! They’re everything I expected them to be. I love the sturdy material and it fits perfectly. I do admit that when I was looking at what size to order I was a little confused because I normally need a size Large in most brands and according to the dimensions you listed on your site, I should order a Medium. So I was waffling back in forth (order medium, or order large just to be safe?). But then I received a Tradlands email “Find Your Best Fit”, where you mentioned “Many of you will find that your recommended size is one size down from mainstream retail brands”. So I confidently ordered a Medium and I love how it fits! And to answer your ‘PS Question’, asking what made me purchase from Tradlands versus another women's clothing company: Over the last few years it has become very important to me to make good choices about the products that I buy. Almost all of my purchases are from brands that are fair trade, cause driven, small/independent shops, made in America, ethical, or organic/eco friendly. I am constantly on the lookout for women’s clothing that falls within any of these categories and is also well made and fashionable. I first heard about Tradlands from Erin Boyle’s blog, Reading My Tea Leaves. I read your About page and was impressed with your values: quality of the shirts and a healthy, happy work environment for your employees. I’m excited to continue purchasing shirts from Tradlands. =)

In the past month or so, I ordered both a Robie and Siskiyou shirt. I had been thinking about purchasing a Tradlands shirt for months, but I hesitated over the price. Now that I’ve owned and worn them for a few weeks, I wish that I had bought them sooner. The Robie has been wonderful for wearing to work with dress pants and pencil skirts or on the weekends with jeans. The Siskiyou is the perfect flannel shirt. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for: soft and casual but structured enough to not be sloppy looking. I’ve been slowly building a minimal wardrobe of thoughtfully made clothes that will last me for years, and these shirts have quickly become some of my most often worn pieces. I wear each of them at least once a week. In the time that I’ll own them, I’m confident that I would have bought and replaced several lesser-made button downs. I had a few email exchanges with Sadie during the purchasing process, and she responded to my questions quickly and kindly. I’ll definitely be purchasing more Tradlands shirts in the future!

I have been wearing both my Fort Point and Arapahoe shirts since they arrived. They are so perfect for me, comfy and cozy (I'm always cold), ready to take on whatever craziness my wild children throw at me, but still polished enough to look presentable. Thank you for doing what you do and for all your kind handwritten notes. I really appreciate the work and heart you put into your company and products.

The first word that comes to mind for me is "craftsmanship"! I'm not a fan of disposable clothing. I want to wear things that are well made, that look good, that feel good on and that will last. I dream of having a local haberdashery and expert tailor nearby that cater to women... and so I love that you and the Tradlands team are making that happen.

I love my shirt. I wear it a few times a week and it suits every occasion--from work to yard work and everything in between. The workmanship and tailoring are excellent. This shirt is roomy, flattering and just the right length. Unlike many women's shirts, it's loose enough in the armpits that I can move my arms around. It's soft, fits TTS and is machine washable. Lastly, it's made in the US. I live in a tiny house but like style. As such, I am trying to own fewer but better, and this shirt fits the bill. I can feel good about where my money is going and feel good that I'll be wearing this shirt for years to come.

I love the shirt that I ordered. It is the perfect flannel shirt for VT, and I am VERY happy with it. I bought from you because of how the clothes are made and the fact that you care about quality and being made in the US. For me personally, I'd rather spend a little extra up front and know that it will last a long time. Also, the tomboy style is sometimes hard to come by, as in that you can find 'boyfriend' fit but it's not really made for a women's body ... super props to making an awesome shirt. I'll DEFINITELY be ordering again.

I found it so unbelievably comfortable and soft while still being substantial. I feel ready for Autumn and Winter in it and just a step away from the woods.Tradlands | Button-up Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews


I wasn't sure at first when I received this-- super light weight, I was honestly a little worried how this would last with my super physical job, however it has lasted beautifully! It's perfect for those Maine summers, which aren't too hot, but can dip in temperatures. Plus, imagine my surprise when my favorite button-up company, created a shirt after the state I live and play in. Plus, plaid-- am I right? It's super comfortable, and as always the handwritten notes are a beautiful touch-- as is the sustainable packaging. This gal is super happy, thank you! P.S it washes fantastically, and goes through the dryer super well!

Farallon Islands:

I don't always go for short sleeved button ups, but I was going on a limb--I am glad I did. It's a fantastic cut, plus there are hammerhead sharks on it! They're so adorable! I love the cut of the fabric, the fit, and now I know that a small fits beautifully on. As always, beautiful quality. It's perfect for those hot days that you just want to dress up, but anything else wouldn't do. Granted I will be wearing this in the fall too, but yes! Packaging sustainably is one of the many things I love about Tradlands, as are the personal notes! Thank you!

Tradlands | Button-up Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews

Tradlands | Button-up Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews

The beautiful Lake Merced arrived at my doorstep a few days ago and I have been in love ever since. I have had a major brand crush on Tradlands for a long time. Their brand concept is something I have been yearning for. However, with hot summers here down in Austin I just haven't been able to justify buying a long sleeve plaid shirt. That changed when Tradlands released this summer-weight button-up. The shirt is super light weight and fits like a gem.Tradlands | Button-up Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews

I'm delighted with my order - I actually wore it for my birthday dinner (a few days late but still for dinner. I also instagrammed it during the day: ( and felt really wonderful in it. The shade of grey is really delightful and lovely and with the white dots I alternatively feel like snow falling on an overcast day or pussy willows coming out in the spring. I was pleasantly surprised by the stiffness of the collar and cuffs and never had to worry about either of them drooping. It was definitely a treat myself kind of shirt due to the price but there's nothing as disappointing as buying a woman's button down and being frustrated by how it doesn't fit right (or it comes untucked from a skirt, which is my favorite way to wear them at work) and I'm glad I now have a shirt I'll enjoy for a long time. I've actually been hearing of Tradlands for a little while and I only recently bit the bullet and decided to try one out. I'm very much of the opinion that it's better to buy something you really like even if it's more expensive because you won't wear something you don't love. Expensive up front but in the long run very rewarding. PS I am so excited for your Fall collection. I've seen glimpses of that buffalo plaid and now DESPERATELY WANT IT (especially after seeing how your shirts fit). -EvaTradlands | Button-up Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews

This company is awesome! There has long been a need for quality women's clothing. Your shirts fit nearly as well as the custom one I ordered from Kipper Clothiers. No boob gap. And, no bust darts. Yet they still manage to fit splendidly in the chest. It's like magic. And (this is a huge deal), Tradlands shirts have nice stiff collars! I can't tell you how frustrating it is this most women's shirts have wimpy collars that fold under when you're wearing a blazer. It looks silly. And, I think it a little insulting. Like there's an underlying presumption that women don't hold the kind of jobs that'd require them to wear a blazer. So why do they need *real* collars on their shirts? *smh* Anyhow, keep up the good work! You guys keep making, and I'll keep buying :) Kind Regards, Robyn

Tradlands | Button-up Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Arapahoe shirt and am loving it. (I'm actually wearing it right now). The fit is just right--not too fitted, not too boxy, a flattering length and enough give to move my arms around. Yay! Also, the workmanship looks wonderful. Thank you for making such a quality shirt. I've very pleased with it and will spread the word.

I LOVE my Brunswick shirt. I feel simply irresistible when I wear it!

I've been meaning to respond to your note to congratulate Tradlands on the Fall launch and the beautiful new website! I finally got around to purchasing the new shirts I had been eyeing -- of course since I wasn't on top of it, my sizes are on backorder, but I know the wait will be worth it, I feel lucky that I can get my hands on them at all! Really loving Volume 4. I think my favorite (tough to choose) would be the Robie -- mainly because the polka dot is unexpected, but seeing it in this shirt reminded me that it's just as classic as a plaid or stripe. The fabrics you've chosen really bring variety to the print and textures. The Piedmont cross-hatch pattern is so cool (I missed out on that one, unfortunately). What I really have come to appreciate about my Tradlands shirts is that while they started out being a "sensible" purchase for quality of fit and function (kind of utilitarian), over time they have become definers in my wardrobe, because of their versatility to be worn in so many different ways. They are a classic slate that I can build my personal style on top of, yet all the little details (cut, buttons, fabric) make for something really unique and special even on it's own. I was in New York last week for work and I wore the Busby on the flight (ease and comfort), and then I wore it again the next day in a business meeting with a jacket over. And it felt totally right and great in both instances! These things make me so happy. Hope you are having a terrific autumn!

Hi! I’ve been trying to figure out what to send you as feedback for at least a year now. Obviously, Tradlands shirts are awesome. The fabrics are beautiful, high quality, and (so far) are wearing quite well. For me, your shirts are as close to a uniform as I get. They make me feel confident and well dressed. I can wear your shirts to job interviews, while cycling on a trail through the woods or the city, to work and out to the bar afterwards. They’re definitely meant to be lived in. Plus, I really like supporting a small business, especially since you’re keeping the entire process (even the fabric!) in the US. Trust me, the quality of fabrics, the patterns, how they’re cut & assembled — it all shows. In short, you and your products are the best! One thing I’ve been meaning to ask: who made the glass fish ornament you sent at Christmastime last year? It’s gorgeous!

I absolutely adore my new shirts! I can't wait until it gets colder here in Oakland so I can start wearing them. I actually heard about your company when you first started because of Tomboy Style's first post about your company. I haven't been able to buy your shirts until now, but I've always been fond of your company. After receiving a Busby popover as a gift about four or five months ago, I fell in love with the detail and quality of your shirts and the fact that they're made so close to where I live. Whenever I go shopping I don't even look at the other women's button-ups anymore, I much prefer yours. I was very excited for your fall collection after I saw a teaser photo of the Robie and ordered one as soon as possible when the collection was released. I can't wait to see what you'll release in the coming collections!! I never got a chance to purchase a t-shirt with the company's logo or a denim jacket unfortunately. I'd love to see some more t-shirts and maybe new jackets in other fabrics like denim and canvas in the future.

Wow, you are so kind to check in. My shirt arrived several days ago, and I wore it for the first time today. It's never truly fall in San Francisco, but I used this morning's rain as an excuse to whip out the flannel. It's perfect. The cut, the material, color...all of it. I am willing to spend the extra $$$ on your products because a) I know I'll have them for years; you are excellent at choosing materials and patterns that are classic and the quality of the shirts is unmatched; b) they are made in the US; and c) I like having my money go to small companies with values I believe in and companies that care about their customer. Thanks you again. I'm always looking forward to seeing what you come out with next.

Thanks for checking in. It is way too hot here - L.A. - to wear my new shirt yet, but even just trying it on I love it! Great material, great fit. I am a size 6 but busty so boob gap is my enemy. Not a problem with this shirt. I will definitely be buying another one in the future.

I just returned from a vacation in Idaho. I packed your shirt and it travelled so well! It's so nice to have a button up that can get crammed in a bag without wrinkling. Your passion really comes through in the product and I'm happy to support someone who loves what they do!

I've just received the shirt in my mail box. I'm so thrilled and happy. It is certainly what I expected it to be. I am glad to be your first customer from Singapore! Thank you for the wonderful note and thoughtful packaging. Let's continue to support environmental sustainability.

Just wore my new Jones Street shirt today for first time and am so sold! It is me, me, me! Thank you. It fits perfectly, just perfectly! And is just the right length…did I mention I love the fit? Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase and I really liked the packaging – way cool job. Trying to decide which one or two I will buy next!

Thanks so much for the beautiful shirt, I absolutely love it! I am attaching a few photos. Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

Imagine my excitement as a woman "of a certain age" to discover the timeless quality and attention to detail present in my Tradlands shirts (I have two & counting!)! The beautifully executed touches such as a collar never in need of an iron due to its impeccable construction and buttons with understated quality testifying to a design team who knows the way each and every element of a shirt needs to fit together seamlessly if the final product is going to be worn again and again all harken back to a time when pride in product was the guiding principle. Tradlands shirts will always hang in my closet because, new as they are, their quality will stand the test of time.

The shirt is so gorgeous! I love it. I'm saving up now to get one for every day of the week!

Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

I love the shirts I got from you! I really like that the Beach Chalet polka dot shirt is a bit "dressier" so I can wear it to meetings, etc.

I just wanted to say thanks and let you know how much I love my new shirt. It arrived yesterday lickety-split and I'm wearing it right now. The style is exactly what I was looking for. I was a little nervous ordering online without trying it on because I've had a lot of fit issues in the past. Mainly the shoulders and armholes are too narrow or the torso is too tight. I was so pleasantly surprised that your shirt fits as if it was tailored for me--a relaxed but flattering, feminine cut. And the arm and body lengths are just right. How did you do that? I appreciate the business you're building and wish you lots of success. It's funny because although the Tomboy Style blog is what finally prompted me to take a chance and purchase, I actually came across your company months ago via a local garment/Made in USA blog story. It was the perfect intersection of my own style aesthetic and ethics to support small American companies. Anyway, thanks again for the personal service and the fantastic garment. I look forward to many future purchases to fill out my wardrobe!

Just wanted to let the folks at Tradlands know how much I love my 4 shirts from Volume One. The quality, fabric and fit are amazing. I love how they can be dressed up or down. They can be paired with jeans or casual slacks. I am very happily awaiting Volume Two so I can add more to my collection.

I wear my denim shirt jacket over dresses and with pants, and find that it is the perfect weight for any day. I also feel like it looks spiffy enough to wear to work and is tough enough for my various activities. Total bonus that everything is made in California. I can't wait until they crank out some more magical gear!

Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

I bought the Hayes Valley red chambray style button-up, almost as soon as they were available for purchase :). Such a great piece in my closet! It fits so well: small in the shoulders, not overly fitted--perfect tailoring. I know that this shirt is going to break-in like a good pair of jeans and I will have it in my closet for a long, long time. Thank you, Tradlands!

Also just wanted to say that you guys have a great return policy which I really appreciate, because you just never know how something is going to fit. Very cool that you cover the cost of returns and provide a year-long guarantee.

First day wearing my new purple Cole Valley -- got three compliments within the first hour, and one guy I work with wants to buy your shirts even if they are for women... Thanks!

Hi Sadie and Jeremy, Thanks so much for your sweet note! I find it funny that I was the first order for Volume Two, but not surprising since I had been stalking your site in eager anticipation. Everything went fantastically well in the ordering process, and I've already had so many positive experiences wearing it. In fact, you should know the very first time I wore the Bernal Heights shirt I got asked out on a date! :) I'll always consider my Bernal Heights to be a lucky charm. Thanks for making such excellently designed and well-executed shirts. They are truly worth the investment, and are the best shirts I've ever worn. I'm a student, so I make my purchases carefully, knowing the things I buy will have to be versatile, durable and classic. Your shirts never let me down. I know I'll love mine for such a long time. Thanks so much! Anna

Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

Love love love...such a classic camp shirt.

Have been living in the checked shirt. Saving the blue stripe for the weekend...LOVE these shirts! If only they had a second button all would be perfection :) All went nicely with order and enjoyed seeing the mention if me ordering before.

Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

Hey Sadie and Jeremy, I love my new Alamo Square flannel! The weather hasn't quite cooled down enough for me to wear it, but I can't wait for it to start truly feeling like fall so I can bust it out. I also am happy that I went with the medium, because when I bought the Hayes Valley, I got the large and it was a little too big. But the Alamo Square fits like a dream. Also, you may not remember, but I had asked you about your experience with Shopify a while back, and all of your input was invaluable. I never thought it would take this long to get a shop that I am proud of up and running, but now I have a new found respect for what you do. I hope to have the shop in full running order by the start of the year and you will definitely have some treats coming your way when I do! Thank you again! And congrats and best wishes on your newlywed life... Take care, Alyssa

I’m not even a button down time of girl. But there is something about these shirts... They are so crisp and clean, yet casual, so beautifully and simply tailored, you just feel wonderful in them. It’s a great company too. You know they put their heart in it and they are personal and gracious with their customers. That’s rare. Makes you want to support them and buy another shirt.

Hi Sadie and Jeremy, Thanks for the email. I actually did want to write to tell you how much I love the shirts I ordered, but I thought that would be a little overzealous, so I'm glad you reached out to give me a platform to thank you! They are truly of superior quality and the fit is perfect. I can't wait to order from you again soon. Again, thanks for the great customer service and the impeccable clothes! Hannah

Thanks so much. I loved the shirt I ordered a couple weeks ago + look forward to the blue. Perfect fit! Cheers, Paige

Hi Sadie, I just received my blue henley and i love it! This is my first but not the last buy. I hope I'm you're first customer from Quebec City :-) Merci! Josée

Hi there! Just wanted to say that I love my new Tradlands flannel, it makes me feel the most like myself which is a pretty high compliment :) Also I love your logo, so if you ever were to sell t-shirts or stickers with the logo I'd be very interested! Thanks for making great products, Christine

Hi, Thanks for the follow-up email. I love my shirt! The fabric has a solid weight, which I appreciate, and I can see myself wearing the shirt often, which is important to me b/c I pretty much subsist on button-down shirts. I definitely like the color and pattern. The width and length are great for me, and I like that the shirt has a chest pocket (so cute). Also, when I button it up all the way, it's not too tight in the neck (I love the look of shirts buttoned up all the way). The cons I noticed were: - the sleeves are long on me, but I hover between petite and regular sizes, so that's not too unexpected. - sometimes the shirt lies on me in a weird way. What I mean by this is that when I button up the shirt all the way, sometimes there's a slight gap in fabric (from the side view) between the second and third buttons. I don't think it's a bust issue because the shirt fits my bust (third and fourth buttons). Usually, I just adjust the shirt on my frame and it's fine. I don't know of any of this is useful, but if it is, I'm happy to help. I can't wait to see your next collection! :)

I own 4 shirts from Tradlands - Pier 7, Hayes and Laguna, Fort Point and Sea Cliff. I came across Tradlands while looking for clothing that was made locally and instantly fell in love with my first shirt - Pier 7. My mornings have gotten so much easier having these shirts in my wardrobe. Most days I just pick one to wear with my jeans and off I go to work. I love the hand-written notes that come with every shirt and the responsiveness from the owners when the postal service lost my much-awaited Fort Point shirt.Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

Hi Sadie and Jeremy, I would like to give a review! I purchased Pier 7 recently and it arrived so crisp, with the collar and wrist cuffs beautifully tailored. I love the colours, fit and the material is even good for wearing in Summer. I really love the shirt and am pleased and proud of its handmade San Franciscan origins! - Lara :)

Got the shirt and the gift certificate. Thank you so much! This shirt fits like it was made for me :) Happy New Year! Chiara DeLucia

Hi Sadie and Jeremy, I received my second order this month. Your customer service is dynamite. You may wonder sometimes if people notice the effort, individual service and attention to detail which you pour into your work. Well, they do. You keep your customers well apprised of the progress of their order and follow up; you ship with lightning speed; and most importantly, you create a well-made, high quality product. I'm very pleased. Love the flair with which you package your shirts. Love the personal notes which accompany the orders. I was disproportionately pleased to hear that I scored the very last blush polka-dot shirt. Made me smile. You make your customers feel genuinely appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, Sadie and Jeremy. I ordered the Cole Valley shirt in size small, and I have to say that it's a high-quality shirt worth every penny. Even though I very much appreciate the fit and the color, the fabric could be a little softer. It's a minor complaint I have with Steven Alan button downs as well. The cotton is just a bit rough. I suspect the Cole Valley shirt will soften up after a few washes, so that's what I'm attempting to do. Don't worry. I'll be back. Perhaps one of your lighter weight cotton shirts will be a bit softer? All the best, Megan C.

Hello Sadie and Jeremy, Thank you for following up on my purchase. I have been meaning to shoot over an email because I absolutely love my shirt. I have been wanting to buy one of your shirts since I found you earlier last year and I'm glad I finally made the purchase. I can tell you this, it will not be my last. Your story is so inspiring to me, as I have been a seamstress all my life with the secret dream of making clothes for a living. One of my day jobs was a museum registrar, setting up exhibitions in an art museum, a job that requires such an acute awareness for detail that it transferred to every other aspect of my life. So when I opened my shirt and took a look at it I was immediately struck by the perfection in the workmanship. No hanging threads, perfect seams, straight grains, and best of all PERFECT FIT! I make it a point to buy clothing made using ethical standards and to support small businesses in the U.S. And if not, then I sew. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for Volume Three. I have already seen some promising hints on Instagram. Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary and your success thus far. I wish you many more years to come. It gives me great pleasure to be one of your customers. Thanks. Carol

Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

Sadie and Jeremy, Just a note to say thanks for the ornament and gift card ya'll send for the holidays. It just reminds me how much I like to shop with small businesses, run by people who care! The gift card was super generous but totally unnecessary. I'm just really happy with the quality and fit of the shirts I've received. So I'm a devoted customer. I'm really looking forward to seeing the spring shirts. Thanks for what you do.

The shirts are exactly as they should be: perfect in length, meaning long enough to tuck into jeans or trousers, generous pocket:), men's tailoring and nice fabric. I am going to France tomorrow and will be sure to pack them. And again, i want thank you Sadie for the email about the checked shirt not being in stock and suggestions on other options. I hope you make more shirts soon. I really do:-) Best, Emilia

I've been living in my Tradlands shirt these days. Love the soft fabric and perfect fit. Love this one so much I also got it in blue! Just wish my photo-taking skills did justice to this amazing shirt Thanks @carolinaguisande for the best recommendation! Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

Hi guys! I got my shirt in the mail a while ago and I LOVE IT! The fabric is so soft and the workmanship is impeccable. I've recently gotten more into buying American made goods with my boyfriend, and I've been so happy with everything I've found. My only suggestion would be that you guys make mens shirts too! My boyfriend was jealous when he saw my new shirt :) Keep up the great work, and thanks for all you do! Melanie

Thank you for the follow-up email. My only comment is to say these are, hands down, the best shirts I've ever owned. They are officially the only items in my closet I actually want to wear in the morning. The quality is outstanding, the fit is perfect, and I'm proud to support the company you are creating. Looking forward to seeing the Spring collection! Best, Nicole

The small is perfect! It's like sizes used to be. These days I have to take a medium in shirts because of my bust measurement, but then the entire shirt is too huge. Small fits me perfectly except for the bust. PLEASE DON'T change your sizing - It's The Best! You've been just great. I wish you a "Happy Everything" for 2014 and every year afterwards. Best, Carol Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

I can't say anything negative about this shirt. It's well-made. It's fit is perfect. And the color of the material is simple yet intriguing - I love the overall red hue of this shirt, but if you look closely, there are patterns of red and black all throughout... Oh, and it keeps me warm! I can comfortably wear this without an undershirt and feel completely warm and secure. I also like to wear it as a light jacket. It's large enough to let me layer up, without being "baggy." Buttoned all the way up, or completely unbuttoned, my Fort Point is so versatile. I'm a customer who appreciates and searches for not only clothing, but also everyday items that can last for years and years to come - things that I'd like to hand down to my future children, lend to friends, etc. It's no question that my Fort Point is durable and will hardly be living in my closet, because I'll always be wearing it and bringing it along in my travels. Thank you for your craft, taste and most importantly, your endless selflessness to your customers. I cannot wait to see what you have in store this year and the next (and the next). Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day as well! Cheers, Kay Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

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I just bought my first Tradlands shirt at Hawthorn in Oakland. You all have just won me over!!!!!! I try, try and try again to wear men's stuff all the time, because I have a body that doesn't have many curves, but it still looks like a men's shirt on a woman. It's such a bummer, but now, I have no reason to be bummed out. I have found Tradlands. The XS fits me impeccably. I really appreciate that your shirts are made in SF and are done so well. I will be a lifetime customer, I am sure. Button downs are my "go-to" shirt for work and play. Thank you so much for creating a shirt so needed and done so well. Best, Suzie Rudloff

Sadie, I luv my oxford. It is made so very well and the fabric is beautiful ! I will be a return customer as long as you keep manufacturing in the USA. Thank You, Kelly

Hi Sadie and Jeremy! Thanks for checking in! The shirt arrived on Friday and I had the great pleasure of wearing it all weekend! For a long time, I’ve written off button-up shirts because I haven’t been able to find the right fit (baggy through the waist, pulling at the bust, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before) and I was especially wary of ordering one online…. but of course it’s perfect — not too boxy or fitted, crisp but comfortable, and so obviously well-crafted and lovely. Needless to say, I’ll be ordering more! Can’t wait to see the spring collection. Keep doing what you’re doing, -Alanna

Thought you might appreciate this shot of the workwear-inspired EMB denim shirt jacket engaging in some actual work :). Can't wait for volume 3!!! Also, wanted to thank you for the extra dough you tacked on to my Xmas gift card from my dad and stepmom. My stepmom is still raving about your customer service, and the Xmas card she received from Tradlands :). Hope you two are well!! Tradlands | Button Down Shirts for Women | Customer Reviews Photos

I am super happy with my order; all three shirts are like no other button downs that I have had before. I found you through the tomboystyle blogwhich I read all the time and loved the style of the shirts and the fact it's made in SF. Originally, I almost bought shirts from O'Harrow Clothing, I liked the style of the collars and the fit. However, the sizing seemed to be for breast-less women with the body of a model and I didn't want a shirt that I wasn't comfortable in. Other women's clothing companies are just not oozing of the same quality and attention to detail that Tradlands has. Can't wait for the new volume of shirts to come out! Thank you for making a great women's button down! Jory

I checked out Tradlands because I stumbled on the Tomboy Style blog by accident. So I looked around on the site, and when they had a christmas special for a 4-shirt bundle, I picked out my selections and gave it a whirl. Man, these shirts are everything that I've been subconsciously missing from most ladies button-up shirts; quality construction, not feeling like I'm going to rip a hole in the space-time continuum every time I raise my arms, and a super clean, classy style that I can rock for all of my foreseeable decades to come. I like these shirts. Plus they go above and beyond good customer service, if you have any questions, these folks will put all your fears about ordering online to rest. Plus, when I mistakenly thought I was a stick instead of a human, Sadie made it super easy to exchange my smalls for mediums. Very good service, I really want these guys to go big. Rosie

I really like my shirt so far! The times I've worn it friends where interested in where I purchased it from.

I usually don't go for button-down shirts because they usually fit my body well. The Jones St shirt fill well and was sooo comfortable.

I love Tradlands! The clothing is high quality and cute, and I love that it's American-made too.

There are no other companies that I have ever been so satisfied with they way I have been with Tradlands. The fit of their fantastically crafted women's shirting is unparalleled. They have unique fabrics and prints (hello Hammerhead sharks!) that are fun without sacrificing a classic and timeless appeal. I now have three of their glorious button ups and I find myself reaching for them on an almost daily basis. As for the service they provide, Sadie and Jeremy go out of their way to make sure that you are satisfied and beyond with your purchase. I can't wait to get my next shirt because I know that it will be well worth investing not just, in my closet, but in this company too. Thank you so much Sadie and Jeremy! Alyssa

Hey I just wanted to thank you for making a great shirt. It's nice to wear a size small again. I received my Ashburn on Saturday and I've already worn it twice (in a row....). I've never understood why people don't make clothes that don't fit women's bodies... so this shirt was a big deal. You never know how much peace of mind not worrying about if your 3rd button has popped open can bring, until you don't. Brianna

I really like both the Farallon and Stow Lake shirts that I purchased. I'm a 38"" bust, 35"" waist and 42"" hip, so I have a really hard time finding button up shirts that fit well. Either they are too tight in the bust or too generous of a boyfriend cut. The Tradlands shirts fit VERY well. Slimm-ish and feminine, with enough room for the girls. The Hammerhead shark fabric is very unique and I've been getting lots of compliments. I'm already a big fan of chambray and swiss dot, so the Stow Lake was a gimme for me. Well done Tradlands. I look forward to wearing these shirts for years to come.

One shirt for all occasions. In the past 24hrs I've worn my Stow Lake @tradlands shirt to work > an art/menswear happy hour > dinner > a house party > thankfully borrowed a different shirt to sleep in > a walk in the park > brunch. And it still looks good. #madeinamerica #usamade #wiwt #tradlands

What I Wore Today: Hammerhead Shark Edition #project365

Thanks for the follow up. I gave my wife the shirt for Mother's Day yesterday, and I think it'll look great on her. I appreciate the hand written note in the package too. You never see that these days, but what a great touch, I originally saw the blurb on Tradlands in 7x7 and checked out the website, always interested in local SF companies. Was impressed that when you didn't have the size of the shirt I wanted that I could put in a request to be notified, and even more surprising I actually did get an email when it was available again. The ordering process was all smooth and easy, package came in short order, and everything was as I had wanted. I'm definitely a fan and will help spread the word. Good luck growing the business. Joe

I'm so happy with my shirt! I ordered the Busby and it's absolutely lurrrrrvely, and the packaging and note included was so sweet! It fits beautifully, is super comfortable and chic and so, so useful, and it's really rare to find all those things together in one garment that's also made domestically. Thank you so much, I know I'll wear this shirt fondly for years to come. Much love, Vicky

Happy with my new shirt, thanks. I bought this shirt because of the collaboration with a favorite blog, Tomboy Style. I'm sure it'll become a favorite. -Becky

Just received my Ashburn shirt in the mail. It is so beautifully made and the material oh so nice and sturdy. Thank you for making women's clothes with quality and craftsmanship that will last, it is so rare now to find a shirt that you can tell will last for years. I can't wait to get more of these shirts for my wardrobe!! Thank you -Justine

I'm actually wearing the Utica shirt at this very moment! it's great. I haven't gone sailing in it yet though. I love that it moves with me and doesn't gape at the bust yet isn't baggy (I'm a 32FF or G, so that's a big deal).

Love the shirts. Someone sent me your site, but now I don't know who. I got the shirts because I wanted summer tops that I could take traveling back east that could be for beach as well as cooler evenings. I like the casual style of the pullover. The fabric used for the white one is just great, a little thicker than a regular oxford. let me now if that pullover style is ever going to be made in other colors. (red stripe?!) - Linda Cassidy

Thanks for the check in email. Everything was great with the Busby shirt. Now i just cant decide which I like more, the Ashburn or the Busby, and I can't wait until you guys have more colors, I am a sucker for the pop-over! to answer you PS, I saw your company on Tomboy Style, and loved the look of your shirts, the cut and the classic styles and also the quality of the shirt that looks like it would last. After reading more about your approach to design and manufacturing I knew it was a company I could get behind. While I am not 100% committed to buying products made in the US, (or Canada for that matter as that is my home), I do try to buy with the philosophy of fewer, better quality items that are made as ethically and responsibly as possible. So thank you for making such a great product! -Justine

Feeling slightly more boy today in my hammerhead shark #tradlands shirt

My new Tradlands Stow Lake shirt is the Number 1 favorite item in my wardrobe. Not only is it beautifully made and the perfect fit, but it looks great with everything and is really comfortable. I'm a convert!

I love my new shirt! It is the first dress shirt that I know will last more than a year-- and in theory I expect to last for the next decade or so. It's beautiful, and while I bought it a bit large, it's actually tailored-- so it's not bulky on me, just relaxed and loose. It's so wonderful, and I get comments on it all the time, thank you! Hello, by the way!

Thank you very much for the superb service and a very nice shirt with an excellent cut! I read infrequently Tomboy Style blog, and that got me to browse your fine web shop. I am always looking for functional clothing, to be worn at work, biking, hiking, etc. Especially good button-downs cut for taller wide-shouldered women are not easy to come by. So I am quite pleased with you guys. I will be ordering more shortly! Cheers, Pinja, Your new regular customer

Hi Tradlands! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shirt. My mother even mentioned it was her favorite shirt of mine (quite a compliment to Tradlands). Wanted to thank you for such awesome customer service and incredible workmanship. My stylish friend (Jade Padkas-bather) recommended me to your website and I'm now quite the fan. I like the simplicity and clean lines of your clothes. I plan to be a loyal customer. Props to your company. I wish you continued success and I will pass along your website to friends/family. Peace. Michelle

Dear Sadie and Jeremy, today I picked up my Busby shirt at customs. I'm really happy with my order, thanks for asking. I love the colour and sturdy material! I'm wearing it now and it fits perfectly, I don't feel dressed up (or disguised?) in the wrong way at all (I hope you know what I mean by that.. :)) To answer your question, I first heard of Tradlands when it was featured on the blog The City Sage and in Verily magazine. Next to the great designs of the shirts, I like the personal commitment the two of you have to the products. Many Greetings, Kerstin

I appreciate the quality. I can tell that the shirts will get better with age. They are classically designed, so that I can make of them what I wish: tomboyish with plaid shorts, rocked-up with leather jeans and combat boots or over a bathing suit for beachy. I also like thatI don't feel that I have to iron them, in fact, I'd argue that the rumples add character.-L. Michel-Cassidy

I bought the Tradlands Jones St. Red shirt, and really love it! The fit is fantastic; I don't have gaps between buttons as in other brands. Love the subtle red/white stripe. It's just a fun, easy piece. I love all of the little details too--like the little triangular piece sewed in at the hems.-Jade Pagkas-Bather

My shirt was delivered a couple of days ago, and it is wonderful! It fits my shoulders, doesn't gape at the bust, and doesn't ride up my back when I bend over. The colour is gorgeous, and it is so comfortable. You have made the perfect women's shirt! I'm on the wait list for a couple of your other shirts (the Ashburn and the Busby) and I will be sure to buy them when they become available again. I decided to try a shirt from Tradlands, firstly because your clothing looked beautiful and well-made, and secondly, because you both genuinely care about your product and the women who wear it (we are not all the same shape!). I also loved your packaging, and your note. You will have me as a customer for as long as you continue to make shirts :)

I love my Tradlands Vacationland button-up! Living in Maine, it's perfect for the spring and summer, when those beautiful days hit up to eighty and then drop down to sixty degrees. I get so many compliments on it. It's versatile, so I can wear it up to work, or out with a pair of shorts when I'm just on my own.-Kaiulani Anderson-Andrei

I finally got my own Farallon Islands! It was well worth the wait. The fit as always is perfect and the quality is next to none! It goes to show you American made products are and will always be the best. Several people have complimented the shirt and I am happy to say I referred them to you! Only Tradlands shirts fit well and dont have that annoying gap. The length is just right for someone who is a little short like me. Other brands feel an inch too long and tend to be smaller at the hips which means getting a size bigger. Its also Autostraddle recommended=) -Vivian Coloma

I am happy with my new shirt. I can't normally afford well made creations like this but I couldn't resist. I feel so comfortable in this shirt and in myself while I'm wearing it, hoping it lasts me a long time!

Thank you for your e-mail. Yes everything went as expected and I received my first short-sleeved shirt from Tradlands and I love it. Yet another shirt to add to my collection. I find myself reaching for one of my Tradlands shirt every morning. It's a no-brainer because all the shirts that I've purchased so far go well with my favorite pair of jeans and I'm glad I don't have to think about what to wear. Thank you for simplifying my mornings. -Saritha

Although I had political/social reasons for pulling the trigger on the purchase, the shirts really sell themselves. They are so beautiful! I really appreciate the design and craftsmanship - I love the cut (I am not big on darts), the buttons, the stitching, and the thicker fabric. And I think they are the only pieces in my wardrobe that I can wear casually on the weekend and at work with a suit during the week. I am so glad you make these and I look forward to ordering more in the future! Best, -Stacey Steep

My shirt arrived on Monday and I wore it yesterday. Love it! Thanks for the note, Sadie, it was a nice touch. I bought from you because the shirt has FREAKING SHARKS on it. Two thumbs up, would absolutely buy more clothing with sharks on it from you. Also octopus or mountain lions. -Jen G

I ordered the Ashburn after I had ordered my Stow Lake because I loved that one so much! And it's the same with the Ashburn. It just fits and looks amazing. It's nice for warmer days because the material is really cooling. But I've also been wearing it on colder days with a tank underneath. Just perfect! The material and the way the shirt is made are just amazing! Thank you for making a shirt with such a great quality! I just can't wait for your flannels. I really want one! Best wishes. -Nathalie

Hello Sadie & Jeremy, The shirt is everything I've ever wanted! I am very happy with my order :) Thanks for checking up on me! I wanted to send you guys an email about how satisfied I am with my shirt. Something just drew me to your shirts. The quality, prints, patterns, and fit are all great. Your timeless shirts make other big brands look cheap. Made in USA is also a plus:) I just really like well made shirts (haha). I'll be buying more shirts!

I received my shirt and everything went perfectly, it fits great! I was first introduced to Tradlands from stumbling upon your website. I was actually researching websites and loved how clean your site was so I poked around and really liked the Stow Lake shirt. I also really enjoyed all of the other fabrics you use as well. Unfortunately, at the time Stow Lake wasn't in my size so I thought it wouldn't hurt to get an email when it was back in stock! I read more about your company and really liked your business model. I especially really liked your attention to detail. That is something that's very important to me and my own line of work and appreciate it when other people do the same. I will admit that I was a little nervous receiving my shirt because a lot of women's clothing doesn't fit me well. I always thought I had too long of a torso, or too long of arms, but then I realized, it's not me... it's these shirts! When I finally tried on my new Tradlands shirt, it fit me great! A bit after I was notified Stow Lake was in stock in my size I got a $10 coupon in an email, so I went for it. It was definitely worth it to get something so high quality. I already have my eyes on the next shirt I plan on purchasing from you. Thanks a bunch! -Christina