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Fort Point Customer Reviews

I have been wearing both my Fort Point and Arapahoe shirts since they arrived. They are so perfect for me, comfy and cozy (I'm always cold), ready to take on whatever craziness my wild children throw at me, but still polished enough to look presentable.

I love the Fall shirts I received! I'm especially enamored with the black Oxford (which I'm wearing as I type this). All three shirts fit great and seem hardy. I'm a repeat Tradlands customer. As a 5'1 lady with a 32-DD bust, I have a really hard time finding button-downs that fit. You make a great x-small for petite women who don't want to look frumpy. The shirts also hold up fabulously over time; as a woodworker and bicycle commuter I'm notoriously abusive to my clothing. Your shirts age a lot better than many similarly-priced heritage brands.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to send you as feedback for at least a year now. Obviously, Tradlands shirts are awesome. The fabrics are beautiful, high quality, and (so far) are wearing quite well. For me, your shirts are as close to a uniform as I get. They make me feel confident and well dressed. I can wear your shirts to job interviews, while cycling on a trail through the woods or the city, to work and out to the bar afterwards. They’re definitely meant to be lived in.