Gift Card Customer Reviews

I can't wait for Volume 3!!! Also, wanted to thank you for the extra dough you tacked on to my Christmas gift card from my Dad and Stepmom. My Stepmom is still raving about your customer service, and the Christmas card she received from Tradlands :). Hope you two are well!!

I just returned from a vacation in Idaho. I packed your shirt and it travelled so well! It's so nice to have a button up that can get crammed in a bag without wrinkling. Your passion really comes through in the product and I'm happy to support someone who loves what they do!

I wear my denim shirt jacket over dresses and with pants, and find that it is the perfect weight for any day. I also feel like it looks spiffy enough to wear to work and is tough enough for my various activities. Total bonus that everything is made in California. I can't wait until they crank out some more magical gear!