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Isle of Flowers Customer Reviews

The Isle of Flowers is functional for everyday life in the hot summers here. I love/live in these shirts for work the Quinn is much thinner than all the other Tradlands shirts so if I am going to be out and about it's the shirt I reach for first, even if I had it on the day before!

This shirt is just gorgeous! The print is lovely and understated, and the light grayish/blue color goes with nearly everything. The 8-button front makes a huge difference in eliminating the boob gap! I wish the fabric were a bit thicker, but that's the only thing I'd change. I love this shirt and wear it all the time, and I'd recommend it to anyone (especially my fellow big girls).

As a pear-shaped person, the longer fit is very important to me, and being able to tuck my shirts into pants is now a more tangible reality. And it's so soft! Very happy.