Lydia Avenue Customer Reviews

It's been a little over two months since getting my Fort Point shirt at Northern Grade Her (Yay US goods! Yay tomboy options!), which has given me time to wear it in. I'm in love with the color, the feel, and knowing the care and attention to detail that went into making it is the cherry on top. I also got one compliment after another from like-minded gal pals who are always looking for a tomboy shirt that is tailored for their body and erases boob gap. Then, to top it all off, my dad (whose button down collection I covet) was very impressed by its quality and overall style. Thank you for creating shirts for those of us who would otherwise borrow from the boys, and giving us an option to call our own. I consider it a timeless piece and can't wait to get another!

I discovered Tradlands at Port in Northampton. Ben did a wonderful job describing the quality materials and superior craftsmanship of your clothing, not to mention the added bonus of being made right here in Massachusetts. His enthusiasm was so genuine, it made me look twice (okay, three times) at a shirt I would normally consider out of my price range. I tried it on, fell in love, but walked away. Two weeks later I went back to buy it and now, four months later, I own four Tradlands shirts. Thank you for your dedication to creating beautiful, comfortable, durable, high-quality women's clothing. And thank you for maintaining domestic production. I look forward to wearing these shirts for many, many years.