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Montauk Customer Reviews

I just received and immediately tried on the Montauk and the Clare! I LOVE them both so much and am thrilled to have them in my Tradlands collection!

In the past month or so, I ordered both a Robie and Siskiyou shirt. I had been thinking about purchasing a Tradlands shirt for months, but I hesitated over the price. Now that I’ve owned and worn them for a few weeks, I wish that I had bought them sooner. The Robie has been wonderful for wearing to work with dress pants and pencil skirts or on the weekends with jeans. The Siskiyou is the perfect flannel shirt. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for: soft and casual but structured enough to not be sloppy looking. I’ve been slowly building a minimal wardrobe of thoughtfully made clothes that will last me for years, and these shirts have quickly become some of my most often worn pieces. I wear each of them at least once a week. In the time that I’ll own them, I’m confident that I would have bought and replaced several lesser-made button downs. I had a few email exchanges with Sadie during the purchasing process, and she responded to my questions quickly and kindly. I’ll definitely be purchasing more Tradlands shirts in the future!

I love my new Brunswick shirt - fits great and is super soft! Thanks for making an awesome product that I can feel good about supporting. And finally some good, non-frou frou-ey plaids out there for the ladies!