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Muir Beach Customer Reviews

I just tried on my new Muir Beach dress: Holy smokes it's awesome! The fabric feels fantastic, the sleeves aren't billowy, the button placement is AWESOME, and the color is to die for. I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow. Hell, if I'm being honest, I may just live in it until my Montauk arrives and I buy the Tiburon.

I received my package a few days ago, and I'm very happy with my Siskiyou and Waverly shirts. Unlike many other shirts I've bought, they fit me perfectly; usually XS button-ups are too wide for me in the shoulders and back. I chose to purchase from Tradlands simply because I like the shirt designs. They're simple, clean, and they come in a variety of fabrics and colors that I actually like. The photos give the impression that they're hardy and good for travel. Great photos and descriptions, for sure.

If the shirt fits? You wear it all the time! I have the Piedmont and the Siskiyou and find them to be the best button downs I've ever owned. I have large arms and little shoulders and often have awkward fitting shirts. Not with these beauties! Tradlands shirts may be the most universally flattering fit of all time! Not only a great fit, but superior fabrics and gorgeous craftsmanship. Can't wait to see what the next season holds!