Our Arapahoe Red Story

“ 'I just love all this,' Walt says. 'The sights, the smells, making the effort and pushing yourself and getting something that's really hard to get. I'll fly on a plane and people will look out the window at thirty thousand feet and say, 'Isn't this view good enough for you?' And I say no, it's not good enough. I didn't earn it. In the mountains, I earn it.' ”

- Mark Obmascik, Halfway to Heaven: My White-knuckled - and Knuckleheaded - Quest for the Rocky Mountain High

You wake up early and overnight a fresh blanket of the softest white snow has fallen over the mountain range. You decide you have two options. Study for your Geology final or take the chair lift to the top of the mountain and surf the fresh snow. You choose ... both. Pair your day with weather proof boots and your favorite thermal shirt under the Arapahoe flannel shirt. When the morning studying is done this heavyweight brushed flannel keeps you exceptionally warm as you enjoy the sun, snow, and mountains. After your last run cozy up to the fire at the ski lodge and enjoy a hot chocolate or Fat Tire to end a perfect day.

Our ethos and interests always have us dreaming towards Colorado. We love the outdoors, craft brews, and mountain towns. Sure, we've seen more Croc-wearers there than any other state in the country. But Telluride's waterfalls, the hot springs, and hiking trails are nearly unbeatable.

What will your Arapahoe story be?

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