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Our Brunswick Story

The morning fog lingers on the rocky coast of Maine and you head for the cove where lobster boats and their crew prepare for a day on the choppy waters. Always prepared for any weather or water with your Maine-made Bean boots and Massachusetts-sewn Tradlands Brunswick women’s flannel shirt to keep you comfy and warm all day. Perfect for you, a woman who is drawn to the ocean and all it has to offer, even as the winter sets in. A durable and timeless plaid button-up, the Brunswick is a sturdy and genuine Maine-living wardrobe staple able to hold up after years of wear. A garment you can pass down from mother to daughter when the time is right.

Among our many travels we recently spent eight months living in a 150 year old farmhouse in mid-coast Maine. In a small T-intersection town whose history includes the very first settlement of Europeans, our experience in Maine was nothing like we’ve ever had before. Bearing down for an unexpected polar vortex we split cords of wood and burned them in a stove day and night to heat the old home. We learned what a true Maine winter felt like, a thickening of your blood to survive the cold, a relentless work ethic, and very friendly neighbors that love mixing drinks with long conversations and a night of board games in front of a fire.

What will your Brunswick story be?