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Our Eagle Point Park Story

Our Eagle Point Park button-down is named after 164 acres overlooking the Mississippi River in Iowa. We especially love the view from the tall bluffs with panoramas of the expansive river below. The park has an old stone tower you can climb and a long bridge over a deep ravine. A winding drive rolls over the hills with many pullouts to view the mighty river. It is the ideal place for a family cookout and your favorite red gingham button-down.

The park lies on the Northeastern side of Clinton, Iowa, Jeremy's hometown. It is bordered on the East by the Mississippi and centers around large factories that employ many of the town’s occupants. Rich with the places that shaped Jeremy's childhood and the stories that accompany them, Clinton holds the beginnings of Tradlands' co-owner.

Eagle Point Park is a place that reminds us of our childhood. The small towns we grew up in. The park three blocks away that we rode our bikes to as your best friend pushed alongside on a skateboard. Playing hide-n-seek with your neighborhood crew. Those never ending summers where friendships thrived and adventures were everywhere. We could have sworn life couldn't get any better and those friendships would last a lifetime.

What's your Eagle Point Park story?