Our Lake Merced Story

In San Francisco everyone knows that every single day of the week is the best day to spend in the park. There are no weekends in “The City”. The only difference between good park days and not-so-good park days are if the city’s dear friend “Karl the Fog” decides to make an appearance.

Rain or shine, in clear skies or fog, tried and true residents know of SF's best kept secret, Lake Merced. A place of rich history and adventure Lake Merced and the surrounding park is the perfect city escape for a day of family picnics, rounds of golf, long walks with your dog, or leisurely boat rides on the fresh water. It's a place where you feel energized, you feel the love of your family, and where relaxation and enjoyment are your number one priorities.

A special thanks to our customer, Iris, for helping us name this sweet summer number!

What will your Lake Merced story be?