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Our Piedmont Story

The rolling hills of Berkeley are steeped in casual California vibes, a rich history of social change in the 60’s and 70’s, and the tech industry of today and tomorrow. Hey, even Tupac was a back-up dancer here at one time. Prestigious schools housed on beautiful landscapes, progressive studies and politics, and the easy going west coast attitude are all reflected in our Piedmont women’s button-up shirt. Medium weight thatched indigo cotton designed for the temperate weather of the Bay Area, lived in and easily layered with boots or hoodies for a day on campus or hiking your favorite trails. Study hard, live well, and maybe believe in the power of crystals, because you know you have some carefully placed around your Berkeley bungalow.

When we lived in San Francisco we loved exploring the East Bay, specifically the hills, secret parks and trails, crystal shops, and vegan friendly eateries of Berkeley. At the Nepal Festival we ate Indian food and were introduced to the hugging saint named Amma. We once traveled hours east into the golden rolling plains and valleys to see this 'Hugging Saint' in person and wait in line just to get one hug and whispered blessing. This is an unconventional happening in Northern California. You have to dig deep to find these hidden gems and experiences. For us Northern California represents the freedom of living and expression that we always knew we wanted but didn’t know where to look. You could say we found it in the Berkeley hills.

What will your Piedmont story be?