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Our Robie Story

Who is the Robie? Maybe she is an architecture student, studying in historic Chicago. In a city with as rich and full history in design and architecture as Chicago it takes a special print to make a lasting impression. The Robie polka dot shirt is just that, a fun conversation set against a rich, deep Smoky Topaz cotton background.

Take a bicycle ride on a vintage Schwinn down 58th Street, past the historic Robie house and to your favorite coffee shop. Warm your hands and belly as the leaves and air turn crisp with Fall approaching. Study the great texts of literature all night or count the number of dots on your shirt. Whatever works to get you through the winter. At night you dream and chat with the great architects of the past, in the day you envision green landscapes living amongst the downtown skyline. Portfolios overflowing with drawings and plans, you are as serious about school and career as you are about the quality of your button-ups shirts.

What will your Robie story be?