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Our Sea Cliff Story

With palm trees swaying in the fog and manicured yards Sea Cliff looks like a part of Southern California. But this opulent neighborhood is located in northwestern San Francisco, along the cliffs that hug the Pacific Ocean near the Golden Gate Bridge. After the earthquake and fire of 1906 the affluent looked to get away from the rubble and remnants of places like Nob Hill. Sea Cliff offered a high-top stop with towering views of the coastline.

We like to pass through Sea Cliff on our way to China Beach or a hike through Land's End. If you’re on foot there’s an openness about the neighborhood that is inviting despite some of the gated and walled off homes. The diverse architectural styles and quirky building materials are fun to point out including the sheer engineering feats some of the cliffside homes required to be built there.

Our toast to Sea Cliff. Here's to the weekends overlooking the Pacific Ocean. To the sailboats in the harbor echoing sounds of parties and music. To the smell of fresh cut grass of a well manicured lawn. To the Marin Headlands, a dreamy place across the water. To the golden bridge, the starting and ending landmark to your Sonoma road trips. To pearl earrings and black flats with our sunshiny turquoise button-down.

What's your Sea Cliff story?