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Our Cambridge Story

The approaching changes that signal Fall bring out all the quintessential New England flavors I adore. A long weekend spent driving across state lines in a white Austin Healey with the top up. Driving along the coast to visit Autumn-ready Salem or east into Beantown to take in brick lined streets of historic college city. The brittle orange and red leaves crunch under your brogues as you stroll through local shopping streets peering into paned windows. Your hands carrying coffee and your heart full of joy.

A rugged blue oxford popover transitions from summer to fall and every season to come. The thick cables of the sweater are a reminder of sailing line and summers aboard your boat docked in Maine. It’s officially Fall and you cherish every moment of this beautiful scenery. You may travel far and wide, from coast to coast, but your love for the Northeast has your instinctive compass always pointing home.

What will your Cambridge story be?