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Our Dunes Story

Summers spent on the beaches of Rhode Island. Early morning arrivals to beat the single file traffic and late departures after we watch the sun set over the Atlantic ocean. We carry red coolers with white lids packed full of sandwiches, drinks, and ice. Our canvas totes filled with beach towels, sunscreen, books, frisbees, and footballs. Another pair of hands man the boogie boards and an umbrella to shade us from the sun.

The day moves slowly as the kids ride the waves on their bellies and boards, running up the sand dunes and sliding back down. Sweat beads down my face as I get lost in the last half of my book. Lunch time arrives and we eat our lunches while shooing away the seagulls. The sun reaches its highest point and we enjoy ice cream and cold drinks from the food stand. An afternoon nap in the sun and the sun starts to fall on the horizon. We pack up everything and fall asleep head-on-shoulder on the car ride home, exhausted from another ideal summer day.

What will your Dunes story be?