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Our Hatteras Story

North Carolina represents two things for me.

One is the legacy of American denim manufacturing. North Carolina epitomizes the legacy of American fabric manufacturing, an industry felled in many parts of the US, but one that has remained present and regained it's glory in recent years.

The second is the Outer Banks. A few years ago I spent a summer on Hatteras Island. Then 20-something friends from all over the country pooled their money to rent a beautiful beach house on the Atlantic and fulfilled a long discussed summer vacation. We stayed up through the night to watch the sunrise on the beach. We camped on the Outer Banks amidst a herd of wild horses, watching summer swells moving in. We spent days on the beach sharing sunscreen and beers. Things were soon to change for most of us. New relationships. New jobs. New places. But we had the bond that comes with days spent together in an otherwise unknown place. The friendships that are forged over late nights, cloudy mornings, and cross-country flights.

What will your Hatteras story be?