Our Keaton Story

“I think that all people should really dress for themselves, to figure out what they love. To really dress like their own interests, and not be afraid of it.”

― Diane Keaton

It took me 20 years to understand and deeply appreciate Diane Keaton. I’ve always loved her neurotic charm in movies and most of all her menswear-inspired style. But it’s her acceptance of her own quirks, a confidence that is never arrogant but instead welcoming, holding her place as my style icon. She is authentic and relatable yet aspirational. Also, she reminds me of my mom.

Her tomboy style in Annie Hall, an extension of her personal look, was a statement making her a star. Many of the pieces she wore in the movie came from her own closet. It was the clothing and even more it was the way she wore them. It has remained this way for more than 40 years.

To me the quintessential borrowed-from-the-boys look is a menswear inspired plaid shirt. Meet The Keaton. What will your Keaton story be?