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Our Northampton Story

Who is the Northampton? She is Smith. She is unabashedly prep. She could have been the stylist for the new book “Seven Sisters Style”. She wears her popover with Bass loafers, kelly green khakis, and a silk scarf around her neck. There is no better way to define your style than the college she attends. Clean lines, witty and thoughtful, she is prepared in prep for every season.

Lizzie featured Tradlands on her beautifully curated blog, Tomboy Style, back in March of 2013, just weeks after our website launched. Through an interview with her we realized we have a lot in common. She mentioned that she has been wanting a great high-quality oxford popover - something she has been unable to find for years. So we decided to make one together.

What makes this collaboration so great? We both appreciate and understand the tomboy ethos. It's a mutual genuineness that made it easy to work together. Also, we both value clothing that is classic and well-crafted. Our shirts fit the style and quality the Tomboy Style reader looks for.

In Lizzie's words: "There are so many brands out there that are chasing trends and trying to portray an authenticity that just isn't there, Tradlands is one of the few labels where in an instant you know that they believe in their product. Part of that is because they're small, but part of that is because they are incredibly thoughtful. Every aspect of their design is considered, from the fabrics to the buttons."

What will your Northampton story be?