Our Vacationland Story

Oh, Maine. The aptly nicknamed “Vacationland” state. It's a place that embraces a balance of recess, adventure, and relaxation. There is a huge local foods movement. In line with its peacefulness, Maine has no billboards along its highways. The state treat is the whoopie pie while the dessert is blueberry pie - an important distinction. The air smells of ocean and pine. It's a place to vacation ... and to call home.

What makes Maine so wonderful and fun is its diversity. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it. Climb to the top of a lighthouse. Get out on a long hike with your best friend, a feisty Jack Russell Terrier following at your heels. Wait in line at Red’s for a lobster roll. Camp and hike in Acadia’s vast landscape. Or pack a picnic and kayak to a quiet island for the day. Take in 5000 miles of coastline, 17 million acres of forest, and 6,000 lakes. And don't forget the great city of Portland. Once named "America's Foodiest Small Town", Portland is second only to San Francisco for most restaurants per capita.

Why do we love Vacationland? After visiting the mid-coast in 2012, our trip to Maine always stayed with us. It became that someday place we would dream about revisiting. Since we had family there it was easy to find reason to return. There is something about Maine that calls you back and asks you to stay awhile. Whenever we want to take a 15-minute vacation from work we walk down to the water and take in a tiny part of the coastline.

What's your Vacationland story?