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Sea Cliff Customer Reviews

I bought my button-up, almost as soon as they were available for purchase. Such a great piece in my closet! It fits so well: small in the shoulders, not overly fitted--perfect tailoring. I know that this shirt is going to break-in like a good pair of jeans and I will have it in my closet for a long, long time. Thank you, Tradlands!

The shirt is so gorgeous! I love it. I'm saving up now to get one for every day of the week!

Hi Sadie and Jeremy, Thanks so much for your sweet note! I find it funny that I was the first order for Volume Two, but not surprising since I had been stalking your site in eager anticipation. Everything went fantastically well in the ordering process, and I've already had so many positive experiences wearing it. In fact, you should know the very first time I wore the Bernal Heights shirt I got asked out on a date! :) I'll always consider my Bernal Heights to be a lucky charm. Thanks for making such excellently designed and well-executed shirts. They are truly worth the investment, and are the best shirts I've ever worn. I'm a student, so I make my purchases carefully, knowing the things I buy will have to be versatile, durable and classic. Your shirts never let me down. I know I'll love mine for such a long time. Thanks so much! -Anna