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Siskiyou Customer Reviews

What I really have come to appreciate about my Tradlands shirts is that while they started out being a "sensible" purchase for quality of fit and function (kind of utilitarian), over time they have become definers in my wardrobe, because of their versatility to be worn in so many different ways. They are a classic slate that I can build my personal style on top of, yet all the little details (cut, buttons, fabric) make for something really unique and special even on it's own.

Dear Sadie, I received my shirt last friday! Ooooh, i love it! More over emerald green is my favorite colour! :-) Josée

My shirt was delivered a couple of days ago, and it is wonderful! It fits my shoulders, doesn't gape at the bust, and doesn't ride up my back when I bend over. The colour is gorgeous, and it is so comfortable. You have made the perfect women's shirt!