Stow Lake Customer Reviews

I really like both the Farallon and Stow Lake shirts that I purchased. I'm a 38"" bust, 35"" waist and 42"" hip, so I have a really hard time finding button up shirts that fit well. Either they are too tight in the bust or too generous of a boyfriend cut. The Tradlands shirts fit VERY well. Slimish and feminine, with enough room for the girls. The Hammerhead shark fabric is very unique and I've been getting lots of compliments. I'm already a big fan of chambray and swiss dot, so the Stow Lake was a gimme for me. Well done Tradlands. I look forward to wearing these shirts for year to come.

You all have just won me over!!!!!! I try, try and try again to wear men's stuff all the time, because I have a body that doesn't have many curves, but it still looks like a men's shirt on a woman. It's such a bummer, but now, I have no reason to be bummed out. I have found Tradlands. The XS fits me impeccably. I really appreciate that your shirts are made in SF and are done so well. I will be a lifetime customer, I am sure. Button downs are my "go-to" shirt for work and play. Thank you so much for creating a shirt so needed and done so well. Best, Suzie Rudloff

My new Tradlands Stow Lake shirt is the Number 1 favorite item in my wardrobe. Not only is it beautifully made and the perfect fit, but it looks great with everything and is really comfortable. I'm a convert!