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The Ada Indigo Customer Reviews

This was my first item from Tradlands. I am so in love with this shirt! I am very practical when it comes to fashion. This is extremely comfortable and very good quality! My favorite dress in my closet.

I love my Birch top! I've worn it countless times since purchasing last month (including, well, at this very minute), and know that it will be a warm weather staple for years to come. Crisp, comfy, perfect. Size-wise, the XXS fits my 5'3" frame just right.

This shirt fits so beautifully. It has the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity that I love, and is simultaneously relaxed and feminine. Quality is superb. The fabric is sturdy, stiff at first but has softened with each wear. I know this shirt will be in my closet for years, and will certainly be joined by other Tradlands shirts in the near future.