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The Ada Shell Customer Reviews

This shirt fits so beautifully. It has the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity that I love, and is simultaneously relaxed and feminine. Quality is superb. The fabric is sturdy, stiff at first but has softened with each wear. I know this shirt will be in my closet for years, and will certainly be joined by other Tradlands shirts in the near future.

Great shirt! Comfortable, classy and goes with everything. I have even worn it a few times with out ironing it, and it still looked super.

This shirt looked pretty soft on the models, but it's very stiff fabric. They did say it gets better with washing. I washed them right away but they're still stiff. Thinking about throwing them in the wash with like colors every time to soften them up. Great fit, thought! I'm an impossible size, a 32DD with wide shoulders. the shirt rides up a bit, but once it softens, it should be okay.