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The Aki Customer Reviews

I first saw Tradlands through a feature on the @DapperQ Instagram - one of my favorite places for style. I began following Tradlands and LOVED all the pictures and especially the message and mission of the brand, it 100% aligned with my values for clothes and shopping. I purchased the Arapahoe Red and have been wearing it at least 2 days a week. It is such a strong quality garment and I know it is going to last in my wardrobe for a long time. I plan on filling my wardrobe with Tradlands shirts and pretty much never shopping anywhere else.

Tradland shirts are an investment piece & so worth it. Since I've gotten this I've worn it every weekend. The shirt is such amazing quality & it's all the little details that make this shirt so very special (like the little stamped buttons all aligned the same direction!). Super soft even after washing. Thanks Sadie for what you've created! :)

Tradlands shirts have become my work uniform; I'm amazed that they enable me to feel professional without ever feeling stuffy. They're thoughtfully designed, easy to care for, ethically made, and impeccably constructed: the ultimate tomboy femme wardrobe staple. This was my first flannel purchase. It is wonderful to have something for my days off! I wore this shirt almost every day over the holidays. The Arapahoe snowflake is somehow cozy, soft, durable, and polished all at the same time. A flannel shirt worth saving up for.