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The Althea Indigo Customer Reviews

Tradlands was not kidding when it said this shirt was made for traveling. The fabric is strong yet soft, requires little maintenance, and still smells fresh once aired out overnight after a long road trip (okay, only 5 hours). I can wear this at work as well, and it holds up well in a laboratory setting. Thank you again, Tradlands, for another wonderful addition to my wardrobe!

This is my new uniform. The quality is great, the style is classic. The weight of the cotton will be perfect for fall and winter. It seemed a little big out of the package but after one wash and dry it had relaxed and fit true to size (I'm a 10-12 in tops, large was just right).

This is a great shirt for layering. Without the added bulk of the sleeves it works well under sweaters, dresses, and jackets. I just have an issue with the armhole. It is a little big for me so I have to be aware of that when choosing undergarments if I do not wear another layer over it. Besides that it fits just like my other Tradlands shirts.