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The Ashburn Customer Reviews

Just received my Ashburn shirt in the mail. It is so beautifully made and the material oh so nice and sturdy. Thank you for making women's clothes with quality and craftsmanship that will last, it is so rare now to find a shirt that you can tell will last for years. I can't wait to get more of these shirts for my wardrobe!! Thank you -Justine

Thank you for the follow-up email. My only comment is to say these are, hands down, the best shirts I've ever owned. They are officially the only items in my closet I actually want to wear in the morning. The quality is outstanding, the fit is perfect, and I'm proud to support the company you are creating. Looking forward to seeing the Spring collection! Best, Nicole

Love the shirts. Someone sent me your site, but now I don't know who. I got the shirts because I wanted summer tops that I could take traveling back east that could be for beach as well as cooler evenings. I like the casual style of the pullover. The fabric used for the white one is just great, a little thicker than a regular oxford. let me now if that pullover style is ever going to be made in other colors. (red stripe?!) - Linda Cassidy

Thanks for the check in email. Everything was great with the Busby shirt. Now i just cant decide which I like more, the Ashburn or the Busby, and I can't wait until you guys have more colors, I am a sucker for the pop-over! to answer you PS, I saw your company on Tomboy Style, and loved the look of your shirts, the cut and the classic styles and also the quality of the shirt that looks like it would last. After reading more about your approach to design and manufacturing I knew it was a company I could get behind. While I am not 100% committed to buying products made in the US, (or Canada for that matter as that is my home), I do try to buy with the philosophy of fewer, better quality items that are made as ethically and responsibly as possible. So thank you for making such a great product! -Justine