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The Aspen Grey Customer Reviews

With everyone wearing hunter green coats these days, I wanted something that was different, and different for the right reasons. Not to set trends or be hip, but something that was durable, well-made and versatile. Upon arrival, this jacket seemed really simple (and to be honest, I wasn't sure I would keep it), however, after closer inspection and wearing it around the house, I discovered the intelligence of this piece. Remarkably warm, durable (I'm not afraid I'll rip it when I'm camping or carrying things), slightly longer which I like in a coat, roomy pockets, and the collar looks good with a scarf or even popped. The stiffness of the canvas has also softened with wear. It's a lovely piece and I know it will last for years.

Living last six years in London made me feel that living in a big city is for privilege and may be only wasteful and consumption-focused. I wish to live a sustainable life that includes buying from good resources products that last. I kept my eye on Tradlands for some time and evetually purchased two shirts and a jacket. The quality is really amazing. The cotton is thick and solid, the bottoms are nicely spaced and very different to those found in typical high street shirts. I know I will be using my Tradlands shirts and jackets for long time and I also know that I will be a returning customer who expands its minimalistic wardrobe by buying from fair source. Well done Tradlands, also thanks for prompted delivery!

I love this jacket so much, I wear it with absolutely everything! It well made and of a sturdy material. And it is perfect for all seasons.