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The Clare Customer Reviews

Thanks for getting in touch - the shirts arrived early last week and I love them! I ordered the Farallon Islands first and was thrilled with it, so I ordered the Clare and the Northampton as well. I'm thrilled with all three. The fit is perfect and the fabrics are a really nice weight. Your shirts will wardrobe staples for me.

I just received and immediately tried on the Montauk and the Clare! I LOVE them both so much and am thrilled to have them in my Tradlands collection!

Just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation, I hope this isn't silly? But holy moly I love this shirt! I feel so great when I wear it. In the past I haven't been a person who had a lot of feelings about my clothes, but this shirt makes me feel all the right things.

I received my Clare and Watch Hill shirts today, and I have to say that I'm IN LOVE! I was weary of purchasing a short sleeve shirt since I've found them to be ill-fitting and too cutesy in the past. However, the Watch Hill is surprisingly sophisticated, and has a feminine yet comfortable fit. The Clare makes me so happy, as it's the county in Ireland in which I spent the previous four years of my life, but more importantly, it is a beautiful shirt! It truly did not make it into my closet, as I removed it from the package, and promptly wore it to work today. That's how wonderful it is!