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The Dunes Customer Reviews

I bought a Tradlands shirt to see if paying extra for a well made, domestic made product was worth it - and the answer is a resounding YES. The shirt is amazingly flattering and sharp-looking. I wear it to work and on casual weekends and at nice dinners. The very first day I wore it, a stranger asked me where it was from. She said she could tell it was a really well made shirt. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I just put it back on after the first wash and it still fits great. In fact it feels even more comfortable. I'm keeping an eye on your website for my next purchase...can't wait for your future collections. You have a fan for life!

I've been wearing my new shirt almost every other day--I love it. I hope the chambray popover comes back in stock soon! I bought from you guys because I believe in buying well constructed, simple, well designed pieces that aren't outrageously expensive. I feel like buying from you means spending a bit of a premium to get a piece that will actually last for many years. I love putting on a piece of clothing and just feeling exactly like myself. It's so hard to find clothing that is well cut, well constructed and made of high quality fabric--I'm so glad to have found you guys!