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The Elms Customer Reviews

I like the shirt! It's well made and nicely cut. It's a thicker and stiffer than I expected but I assume it will soften with repeated washings. I chose to order from you because I had been thinking about buying one or two handmade shirts for awhile, and was considering one from a competitor in Portland, Maine. I decided on yours because of the Reading My Tea Leaves newsletter offering a discount! So, those things do make a difference. :)

So I meant to write a review for Tradlands since I purchased the Arapahoe, Waverly, & Lake Merced last September. I am so happy that I have them! The fit is really perfect, I've been told I actually look "thinner" in them, which I guess is flattering? Also I need to put the spotlight on the Arapahoe, I get compliments when I wear that shirt, all the time. ALL THE TIME! Also I usually am a very avid cardigan wearer, but that wonderfully comfortable and warm red plaid shirt has replaced them as my default top.

Thanks for reaching out, I'm loving my new shirt! My overall experience was great. I live in Vancouver, Canada and my shirt arrived quicker than expected. I found out about your Company on Pinterest that connected me to a blog called Reading My Tea Leaves. I love a striving for a simple and minimalist wardrobe so I try to find pieces I can wear a lot and that will stand the test of time. Also being on the small side I find it hard to find good fitting women's shirt so the fact that you specialize in women's shirting really appealed to me. I appreciate your commitment to quality and customer service. Keep it up! Excited to see what comes in for Spring!

Amazing shirt! I've been searching for a quality white button-up for a couple of years, and finally found one sturdy enough to last at least a decade. Best of all, stains come out of the fabric quickly!