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The Elstar Customer Reviews

I have recently purchased a Tradlands shirt and must say that I absolutely love it, because I can wear it to work, to a dinner with friends, or on the weekend; it is easy to accessorize, so you can dress it up or down, no problem. I am also looking forward to fall so I can wear it with leggings or tights. I also find the fitting of The Barbet simple and flattering. And the fact that it is a pretty original piece of clothing has gotten me a lot of compliments :)

Once you find the right size for you (for which Sadie is of GREAT help), these long-sleeve shirts are the most comfortable! I really love them! The fitting is as flattering as it is confortable. I particularly love the organic cotton for its unique softness.

I'm petite - 5ft, 105 lbs, and have never felt like button ups fit me correctly. Not only does this shirt (size xxs) fit me well, but it's COMFORTABLE! It's slightly oversized on me, but the excellent tailoring prevents it from looking sloppy or slouchy. Thank you, Tradlands, for helping me finally add such a timeless staple to my wardrobe.