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The Finch Customer Reviews

I ordered 2 shirts and I like them both. I bought from Tradlands because my fiance told me about the company (he is a videographer and makes brand videos for companies like yours), and I like supporting small companies that make their goods in the USA. Plus, I really like the styles. The extra button for no boob gap is pretty key! I also ordered because you had free returns - I'm always a bit hesitant to commit otherwise.

I've worn it about every other day and it still looks brand new. It's got a lot more wears before I'll have to wash it for the first time. I love that it's made in the USA, I love the fabric, I love the fit, I love the print and I love the quality. You guys rock.

I love my new shirt! I have never purchased clothing this well-made before, and it has been a treat. I found your company on I was looking for classic clothes without an overly feminine fit. More importantly, I wanted something made in the U.S.A. using socially conscious methods. I came across your website, and positively fell in love with all of your styles.