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The Fireside Customer Reviews

Loving my shirt. So well made and comfortable. I wish it was just an inch longer in the torso, but other than that it is perfect! Will buy again.

With clothing, you can't help but pick favorites, and the Arapahoe Red flannel is, and will likely remain, the absolute favorite in my closet. It is a stand out performer in terms of warmth, quality and style. I have total confidence in it's durability and versatility, and I've worn it everywhere from the office, to the greenhouse, to the trail. I feel confident and comfortable wearing it, as I get at least one compliment every time I wear it. I wish I could have ten Tradland shirts in my closet (and may work towards this goal, slowly but surely!). I appreciate the small yet thoughtful details, including the nicely made and smartly placed buttons and the witty "care" tag. I fully expect this shirt to go with me many places through the years and to look just as good in year 10 as it does now, in year 1. Worth every single penny. Thank you Tradlands!!!

I love this shirt so much. I was skeptical of the other glowing reviews but they have turned out to be spot on. The fabric feels soft and substantial, but it wears easily and has a flattering drape. I look forward to putting on this shirt and will be saving up to buy more!