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The Getaway Customer Reviews

It's so rare to find a shirt that fits well in so many ways with the added bonus of sturdy buttons, soft fabric and superb color. Definitely a splurge but a long term keeper too. I hope to add another to my wardrobe in the near future.

I love my new shirt from Tradlands, it's the fourth one and I find it really well made and simply adorable! Thanks Tradlands!

I have been following Tradlands for a couple of years, and have wanted to try one of the shirts for quite some time. I was worried that they couldn't live up to all the hype and my high expectations. But, when I slipped on the Getaway it literally felt like it was made for me. It fits so perfectly it barely feels like I'm wearing a shirt at all. Most button-up shirts I've had in the past go one of two ways - they pull tight across the back and dig into my arm pits (which drives me crazy and makes it completely unwearable) -- or they are clearly too big and look like I'm wearing an older sibling's hand me downs. This shirt is truly a perfect fit. The fact that it is so incredibly soft and organic makes it a million times better. Thank you! Will definitely be purchasing more in the future.