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The Haines Customer Reviews

The cut and quality of material of the Robyn are exactly what I've come to expect from Tradlands. This really is a flattering, sturdy coat in a beautiful shade of grey. It's just the right weight for spring and fall in the Pacific Northwest, and I'll be wearing it all winter with an added layer underneath - I may even need to invest in my next jacket!

Still figuring out quite how style it - it kind of dresses down my outfits, so if I want to wear it to work I have to dress up quite a bit more. but it's comfy, great quality!

I love my jacket. It's just the right blend of toughness and style. Sturdy enough for my chores, but nice enough to wear to a meeting. Good quality and sturdy material. Very well finished seams and button holes. Thinking of buying another one in a different color.