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The Hatteras Customer Reviews

The other day my partner and I met up at the shops and he told me I looked really nice in your Hatteras. This was later trumphed by 'God you look freaking amazing! I dont know what to say, that shirt looks so good on you!". I used to think you could only get that kind of reaction from wearing a fancy dress but I love that I can look good, on my own terms and without having to compromise on comfort or occasion. I love the Hatteras because it is elegant and cool without being over the top. The Hatteras is go to shirt for weekends- I wear it on Sundays where its cool and the sun is still out and my partner and I head to local markets.

I simply can not say enough about Tradlands and how much their vision speaks to me. My family owns two working ranches in Texas. Sounds exciting, but its shaped my lifestyle as a 23-year-old woman. Every Thursday evening, I'm packed and ready to leave after work on Friday to either the Hill Country or the Piney Woods, depending on the time of year and the demands at hand. Lifting feed sacks, hiking around the property, drawing back a bow... all big parts of my life but none of those things offers small shoulders or slim thighs. My usual apparel is a pair of canvas cargo pants, boots and whatever shirt I can find that won't be ruined. My whole life I've been fine with that until I graduated college and realized that working for a Public Affairs firm in Houston was nowhere to be found in my wardrobe. I was grasping onto random casual/work styles in department stores that weren't me and I felt unconfident, untailored and underdressed most days. Because of Tradlands, I have developed my own style and I have embraced every part of me and my life as a sleeves-rolled, working professional and rancher 7 days a week. Moreover, I've simplfied my closet and morning decisions to Cambridge or Ashburn, Waverly or Siskiyou? I wear my Tradlands shirts in a treestand and in my office, granted my boots are traded in for heels some days, and I am still myself. I am comfortable in my own skin, thanks to Tradlands.

I LOVE my shirt and thank you for having such a great sale that made it easier on the wallet. I chose to shop at Tradlands because as a woman who likes the designs and comfort of men's shirt styles, it's hard to find legit places and fit styles. I love that Tradlands offers women's sizing in styles that fit my style. I am so happy to have found you and please don't stop making awesome shirts!