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The Jessica Indigo Customer Reviews

I love my Jessica Grey. It was my first Tradlands purchase (my name is Jessica; I couldn't resist!) and I was so impressed when I opened my package and saw the shirt. The cloth is so nice and thick, the buttons are hefty, the quality is fantastic and so is the fit. I love the shirt so much that I now own two more - the Waverly Slate and Tourist Jet. Next up will be The Elms. A Tradlands shirt and skinny jeans is my uniform and I always feel put together and, dare I say, sexy. I recently bought a white button down from anther brand and immediately sent it back because the quality just wasn't there. Yes, these shirts are more expensive, but I'd rather have one good quality shirt that makes me feel like a million bucks than a dozen that feel meh. Plus it feels great to support an American business. Win win all around!

This is a lovely shirt—quality is extremely evident in the fabric, buttons, stitching. I love that the button positioning gets rid of boob gap, and how polished the shirt looks! Thanks, Tradlands, for letting women get quality shirts that don't have the usual problems like tiny pockets and poor quality fabric and stitching. I have five Tradlands shirts now and can tell they'll last (and I'll wanmt to wear them!) many years.

Like all the shirts I've bought from Tradlands this one has been another wonderful addition. Gorgeous fabric and perfect color. I love how I feel in this shirt, I've worn it countless times to work and on the weekends already. Keep up the great work!