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The Krysta Burnt Umber Customer Reviews

Why do I buy from Tradlands? It is because I fully support the message behind your brand, because it is U.S.A. made, because the quality is impeccable, and because your styles are just always incredibly on point. Please, keep on doing exactly what you are doing!

I love my new shirt! It's funny that I actually look forward to ironing my Tradlands shirts because they're so well made.

I love my shirt! As far as fit goes, I'm on the curvier side and I really appreciate the extra button/button spacing to ensure there is no gaping in the chest area. The pattern is really flattering and so is the cut! I loved wearing it this summer and cannot wait to layer it under sweaters once winter comes. This will definitely be a shirt I will love for years to come and I will certainly be returning to Tradlands for future purchases!