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The Krysta Pacific Customer Reviews

I'm very pleased with my Tradlands purchases. I first noticed you on a blog (Modern Hepburn), a picture of a girl in a canoe wearing a white shirt caught my attention. The shirt that I got from you reminded me of a linen JCrew shirt that I had about 25 years ago. I wore that shirt until it fell apart, and I've been looking for another one for years. I have three shirts from you now and the fit is perfect and the quality is exceptional.

Love your shirts. Now have 3. The fit is what sold me — I can actually buy a medium and it fits my body. In Steven Alan I have to buy a large and though I do like their shirts as well, you have weaned me off them and onto yours. They wash well and come out of the drier pretty neat.

Wow, what spectacular customer service you all have. I got my beautiful shirt just in time for a trip from California to Maine last week, and it served me perfectly. I absolutely love it! It was my second purchase from Tradlands, and I am equally as pleased with it as I am with my Farallon Islands shirt.