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The Krysta Whitecap Customer Reviews

I knew I wanted to support such a great company. I love your blog! All of the personal touches on the website! I can't wait for your fall collection to arrive! I appreciate all of the small, personal details throughout the ordering process, especially the video at the confirmation page. This is a long, gushing rant, all of which is to say: I am a very satisfied customer, will tell all my friends, and will return for future purchases.

I am wearing my new shirt today to celebrate fall! It is the Quaddick and I love it. My primary reason for buying from your shop is that the items are made in the U.S., not in a sweatshop. The first shirt I bought from you was also union-made, which was even better. I also love the design sensibility of most of your items--nearly unisex, but with touches that also feel prettier to me than wearing an actual boy's shirt, haha.

I am wearing my new shirt as I read this! As with all your products, I am delighted with it. I buy from you because you source and create your products both sustainably and ethically. Most companies are one or the other. Honest feedback: you need a store in NYC! I will run it! :)