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The Lily Customer Reviews

I’ve only worn it a couple of times, but have had loads of compliments and it fits perfectly. To answer your question, I bought after reading about your company on a blog I follow (Erin Boyle’s). I was searching for a white shirt but wanted one that wasn’t see-through (this drives me crazy), and that would wash well. The quality at places I’ve long bought from (like J.Crew) has really gone downhill, and I’m trying to buy fewer, nicer, more ethically-made things.

For me, the button-up is my go-to shirt. Whether I'm in the studio, at a meeting, grabbing coffee, out with friends, it's something that I can always rely on to not only look nice but play the part. It's the perfect mix of business and casual - something that can stay with me (or on me) while I change my settings throughout the day.