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The Martie Customer Reviews

"The fabric is soft and sturdy, the care instructions are right up my alley (as in minimal!), the ethics and manufacturing are about as good as it gets, and customer support was perfect! It took one return to get the perfect size, since my wide shoulders and long arms just tipped me from a small to a medium. But I had no 'boob gap' with either the small or medium! I'm pretty squarely a size 8 (36A, 30 waist, 5'7"", 150 lbs) but because of my smaller breasts and midsection compared to my very broad shoulders and long arms, it's very hard to find a button up that fits everywhere. The Frankie in medium did the trick, though! The price tag is scary, but to be honest, this was my first purchase where I didn't compromise on ANYTHING (for example, I often find things manufactured with ethical certifications, but produced overseas with substandard fabrics), and I'm so happy knowing that I was able to help support a company like this. It hasn't been cold enough to wear my Frankie much, but I'm sure come fall it will be on high rotation! I'm sure it's a conundrum to be a small newer company that purposefully makes clothes you're not likely to have to replace, thus you won't be buying as much, but I believe this is how you build the lifetime loyalty of customers that not only love the clothes but believe in the mission, and will be back time and time again!"

When I wear the Anana, I feel like I'm on vacation. This shirt fits well, is well made, and has the most awesome print ever! I wear it to barbeques and parties -- it makes every occasion a holiday. People come up to me and tell me about their pineapple shirts and reminisce about when they were in the Islands...

My first introduction to Tradlands and as soon as I unwrapped the shirt I knew it would be a summer favorite. The high quality of the materials and construction of the shirt was noticeable immediately. The fit is perfection and is somehow both relaxed and quite feminine. Every detail is well thought out and executed beautifully!