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The Pearl Customer Reviews

I adore this shirt! I wore it through two weeks of touring through the Australian summer, slogging through humid gardens, petting koalas, crumpled up during long car rides. It's been sink washed, worn many days in a row, slept in, and gone through numerous security systems, and still comes out effortless and beautiful in the end, even if mildly rumpled. The fit, as usual, is perfect for my small shoulders and large chest. The material is light and comfortable, I love wearing long sleeve shirts on hot sunny days to protect my little shoulders! This is a great staple in my wardrobe, I can't wait to see how else I can pair it.

So soft, so comfortable. This could be the best Tradlands purchase yet. I love this shirt - it's just a wonderful style, vintage and modern at the same time. Dressy and down to earth casual. Thank you for offering this.

Got softer with one wash. I wore it without ironing, because there was almost no post-laundry puckering along the hem. Impeccable.