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The Sidecar Customer Reviews

I reach for this one again and again. Relaxed but not oversized fit, so it looks neat and polished. Nice weight to the cotton, and the brass buttons make it special. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy a large sized shirt just because I have broad shoulders and a chest. Thanks, Tradlands.

I absolutely love this shirt. It can be dressed up a little or dressed down. It seems super durable as well so it will last me a lifetime. It is also timeless.

LOOK NO FURTHER. That white button up oxford shirt you've been looking for your whole life is right here. I've looked high and low for an oxford shirt and I was very very excited when I saw this on Tradlands. Like all my other Tradlands shirts this is perfect. The quality is simply the best and well worth the price and wait. My shirt came in so neatly folded and crisp and clean that I really didn't want to unfold it. The white is so beautiful and it goes along with so many things especially for this time of the year. The weight of the shirt is perfect and all I want to do is wear it, wash it and wear it again. I look forward to this shirt getting some wear and tear into it. The fit feels a little too relaxed but I love that fact that the eight button system eliminates the dreaded boob gap!! =)