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The Tourist Catalina Customer Reviews

Overall, definitely happy with the shirt-- it is so beautiful! the weight of the oxford cloth is perfect and I can't get over the buttons -- I think the combo of it all is what sold me on buying the shirt in the first place. I really like buttoning my shirts all the way to the top and am glad this shirt indulges me in that.

Why I chose Tradlands? I want to support companies that care about style, quality and accountability in the manufacturing chain, and seem to have a knack for amazing personable, customer service. Most of the shoes and clothes I've bought in the past few years have all been via consignment or ebay, so when it comes to buying a new item, I want to make sure that investment is not just in a high quality, long-lasting item, but it's an investment to a company whose mission and processes I value, too. So, there ya have it. Thanks for being rad!