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The Tourist Jet Customer Reviews

I purchased the Cross Country and the Tourist Jet in my first order with Tradlands and they've quickly become my favorite shirts. I love the fabric quality and menswear details in the Cross Country. The fit is on point - a boyish cut for a woman's body - and I never have any gaping at the chest or sagging at the shoulder seams. These shirts have become a part of my daily uniform for work or weekends. And it doesn't hurt that I get compliments every single time I wear my Tradlands shirts!

It makes me feel the most like myself which is a pretty high compliment.

It fits so well, great in the shoulders, not overly fitted, perfect tailoring. I know that this shirt is going to break-in like a good pair of jeans and I will have it in my closet for a long, long time. 

This is a lovely shirt—quality is extremely evident in the fabric, buttons, stitching. I love that the button positioning gets rid of boob gap, and how polished the shirt looks! Thanks, Tradlands, for letting women get quality shirts that don't have the usual problems like tiny pockets and poor quality fabric and stitching. I have five Tradlands shirts now and can tell they'll last (and I'll wanmt to wear them!) many years.