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The Utility Redwood Customer Reviews

Ordered my shirt a few weeks ago and have worn it several times now. It is by far the nicest shirt I own, and it feels so nice on (and looks good too). I so appreciate the attention to detail and quality, and the fact that I can feel good about where it came from and the way in which it was made. Thank you! I will be back for more!

I just bought my first two shirts from you and I love them! I, too, have always loved those men shirts that were too big to look good on. I am very happy to have found you.

Fits like a dream! I’m solidly built, and this shirt covers all of it! Enough room in the sleeves for my big guns (one reason I don’t have a lot of go-to short sleeve shirts), and famously, NO gapping along the front. I love it! It’s one handsome shirt, and I look pretty good in it (my sweetie says so!).