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The Utility Reed Customer Reviews

I never realized how poorly some of my other button-ups fit until I bought a Tradlands shirt. I love these shirts. The lake merced is great light weight shirt for all seasons. The material is a tad see through, but totally fine when worn with a light colored bra.

This is the best shirt I have ever purchased. The fabric is thick and cozy, and the buttons are sturdy so it feels like they will last a long time without falling off! The cut of all tradlands shirts is what keeps me coming back-- no need to try to iron or pull on the fabric to get it to cover your bust (I'm fairly busty and this was always a problem for me). For me, the cost of these shirts is worth it for something that will fit great and last forever. My tradlands shirts are always the first I reach for, and even after constant wear (I have 3, ages 1.5, 1, and 2mos haha) they all still look fantastic. I can't wait to wear them for years and years! Thank you so much tradlands for making the only relaxed women's shirt that makes sense!

I really, really like my Tradland shirt. The colour and pattern is perfect. I wear it for business and pleasure. I wish however that it was an inch or two longer. This would make it an ideel shirt in my opinion.

The Utility shirt reminds me of my beloved grandpa's old army shirts, but way more comfortable and soft. So nice that a workshirt is made for a small woman but with the rugged utility features. I really enjoy wearing my Tradlands shirts and look forward to finally replacing my old, ill-fitting shirts with these that feel custom made!